BetterUp is a platform that brings together world-class coaching, AI technology, and behavioral science to deliver change at scale, no matter where you are in your journey. Through custom support and strengthening mental fitness, the BetterUp customer is able to achieve their personal and professional potential.

Data Visualizations
BetterUp is coaching backed by science, therefore a large majority of the work includes beautiful ways of showcasing data.

My role was to ideate, create, and develop the style and representation of data in a cohesive look and feel across all different brand touch points, such as the BetterUp blog, social media, web, and more.
Connection Report & Live Events
Each year, BetterUp conducts research and develops findings on the current state of the workforce. This year's report highlighted the connection crisis due to the global pandemic, as well as the steps one can take to strengthen the bonds between employees. This research was conducted for the US workforce, as well as localized research in UK, France, and Germany.

My role was to design, collaborate, and develop the style for the connection campaign for each market (US, UK, France, Germany) in a cohesive look and feel across different brand touch points such as: the report, event, presentation decks, web, email, and social media graphics.
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