Vanessa Ong is a Vietnamese Salvadoran designer with experience across brand, product, and web design. She is currently working at TikTok in Los Angeles. Her passion for inclusivity is channeled through every aspect of her life; from the artists she works with, projects she takes on, to brands she supports.
She is also an athlete; a 3x Los Angeles Marathon Finisher, 2020-2021 Los Angeles Marathon Ambassador, an inaugural member of The Stolen Starts Collective — a global women's run collective by New Balance, and is committed to connecting with communities to encourage living a more active lifestyle.
For the 2021 fall training season, she launched a fundraiser for Students Run LA, an organization that partners with over 185 schools in Los Angeles to train students for the LA Marathon. The fundraiser was launched on Questify, a platform where you can pledge a certain amount of dollars for every mile ran by an athlete.
The impact:
$2864.27 raised by the athletes
$1500 additional dollars donated by New Balance
33 donors total
19 athletes total
2519.64 total miles completed
She will be completing her fourth marathon in December 2021.
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