Connect local artistry with TikTok offices to create mural installations which inspire creativity and bring joy to employees and guests. This initiative lead to establishing the global TikTok Artist in Residence series, which aims to champion diversity through identity, influence, and medium, bring liveliness to the workplace, build a community of artists, and create dialogue between employees and artists. The initiative first started with the Los Angeles office and has since expanded to New York, Toronto, Austin, Berlin, and Sydney.
Artist outreach + mural curation: Vanessa Ong
Operations + photography: Leslie Kosier
Facilities + real estate: Giorgio Umali
Mural installations below include works from: Ashley Lukashevsky, Ricardo Gonzalez, Jessalyn Brooks, Jade Brown​​​​​​​
The TikTok Los Angeles Headquarters was ranked 1st place by Interior for top 10 office design projects of 2020.
You are Magic by Ashley Lukashevsky
Come As You Are by Ricardo Gonzalez, Rainbow Road by Emma Hazen
Mural by Jessalyn Brooks
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